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Freeride Stage

from January 10th

Freeride Stage

The word Freeride does not only mean "freedom with skis", but also safety on skiing. Skiing off-piste responsibly today is a must! Teaching notes on mountain safety, read the dangers on the way down, is as important as learning to ski well.

Three days of stages for training and improving technical skills, avalanche awareness and security procedures. Addressed to fans of skiing and snowboarding off-piste.

What is taught:

- Practical instruction in the use of avalanche transceiver (device for finding people under avalanches) and emergency procedures in case of avalanche;

- Theoretical information of snow knowledge with practical demonstrations;

- Improvements in ski/snowboarding techniques with the expertise of a ski/snowboard instructor.

Validity period: 2018 - From the 10th of January to the end of March

Duration: 3 days

Cost: 465€ per person in your group of 4 people

The cost includes: the assistance of the Mountain Guide, security kit: avalanche transceiver probe, shovel and harness, mandatory  insurance, 1/2 day with ski/snowboard instructor

The cost doesn’t include: - ski tickets, lunch expenses, the renting of the ski / snowboard equipment, 2 half board in hotel, car transfers

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