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From September 4th, Allô Bus returns to Courmayeur Mont Blanc

From 4 September to 24 December 2017 / Courmayeur Mont Blanc

Allô Bus Courmayeur

How does it work?

Allo Bus is a "Dial-a-Ride" public transport service which picks you up when you need and takes you directly to your destination of choice.


The Allo Bus service cover the territory of Courmayeur, from Verrand to Val ferret and Val Veny. The service picks you up at the regular bus stops, except where the bus stops are covered by the fine Verrand/La Palud The service to and from Val Venyand Val Ferret (from Planpincieux) will be done òccording to the opening of the valleys.


From 4 September to 24 December 2017

> From Monday to Friday (school days).


> Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and non-school days.


 How to reserve?

1 Calling at the phone number 0165.1854653 nei seguenti orari:

from Monday to Sunday: 8.30-11.45/14.15-18.15

2 Saying the bus stop of departure and arrival (specify on the map).

3 Saying the departure time

4 Waiting for the confirmation.


For the Allô Bus service is possible to use all tickets (including weekly, monthly tickets and VdA Transports cards). For this special service is requested an extra of 0.50 € per single trip within the territory of Courmayeur and 1 € for the Val Ferret and Val Veny.




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