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A Yoga meditation evening during the Full Moon night

Thursday, August 15th 2019 / Grand Hotel Courmayeur Mont Blanc

#YogaAtItsPeak | Full Moon Meditation

Yoga has found its ideal home in Courmayeur Mont Blanc for many years, here, among the high peaks, pelting rivers, perpetual snow and sound of woods, it is the perfect location where to practice these ancient rituals that put man in touch with himself and the nature. From July 16th to September 1st Courmayeur will experience a summer immerse into Yoga, through activities and different practices, proposed mainly outdoor, weather permitting.

Thursday, August 15th at Grand Hotel Courmayeur, Betta Gobbi and Giovanna Cuccheri await you from 8,30 PM to 10 PM for a yoga evening during the Full Moon night, to share together a meditative practice, after having prepared our body to a sitting position, through easy asanas positions of dissolution.

Cost: 15 euros

For further information and reservations, please contact:  infovdayoga@gmail.com –  gcucchieri@gmail.com


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