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Extraordinary exhibition in Val Ferret

Summer 2019 / Maisons Judith - Pra Sec

Art Trekking – Ascensioni contemporanee sul Monte Bianco exhibition

From July 28th to August 25th at Les Maisons Judith from 2,30 PM to 5,30 PM you could visit the exhibition Art Trekking – Ascensioni contemporanee sul Monte Bianco.

In the two huts along the Dora of Val Ferret, already existing as barns in 1740 and transformed into a romantic refuge by Judith Glarey, the dialogue between the spiritual dimension of contemporary art and the ascetic environment of Mont Blanc continues. The Mont Blanc dresses for special occasions and becomes the protagonist of a month of photographs, land art, wall paintings and video installations by some internationally renowned authors, ready to pay homage to the sacred mountain, the one who represents the eternal dualism man and nature.

In Val Ferret arrives a very precise idea of ​​Mont Blanc, that of an extremely ductile symbol, able to be declined in many ways. Thoughts, materials and intuitions become art, also in the footsteps of Omar Ronda, who in 1990, with the help of the guides Renzino Cosson and Massimo Datrino, installed his "Mutations Genetics" on the Brenva glacier, with the intention of pushing man beyond his limits. Ronda, with its golden pyramid and its desert vegetation, set itself the objective of exploring the Mont Blanc in three main aspects. The aesthetic one, as the Massif was, until 1990, still uncontaminated and assumed the characteristics of a paradise where man had not arrived in mass; the philosophical aspect of laying the golden pyramid that gave the mountain an aura of eternity, the same as the pyramids, a symbol of timeless perfection for 5000 years; finally the social aspect, perhaps the most important, also in the light of the changing world. This last facade, the social one, gives us a double image of the highest mountain in Europe: on the one hand, the snow and the silent majesty of Mont Blanc, on the other hand, the desert vegetation of cactus, created and positioned by Ronda. In this sense, the artist says he is displaced by the possibility that at more than 4500 meters of altitude one day there might be vegetation, it means that something in the world is changing, yet in 1990 the scarecrow, now daily and deafening, of climate change was still far away global.

The snow and its mysterious charm come back to life in the works of Laura Pugno, one of the artists who will exhibit her snow casts in Val Ferret, made with a very complex technique; also David Tremlett, Richard Nonas and Fabio Adani with his "Travel Journal Pages" are present, a mixed writing and paper technique. Diary pages able to excite telling the chronicle of a journey, rather than a simple journey. The author manages to reveal emotions, evocations and rarefied atmospheres, letting the public perceive them as food for thought to go beyond the mere journey.
Stefano Arienti will be present with his external work, behind the huts, "Castello di legno". The installation of 2015, is composed of wood, printed paper and granite and represents a particular form of reading by engaging a substantial group of books of various subjects and formats, which are part of a simple structure of wood and stone, designed specifically for the outside of an alpine environment. The presence of the landscape is not accessory, but contributes to the definition of the new speed associated with reading, subtracted from human action and slowed down to the biological rhythm of seasonal evolution, or even slower than geological time. The books inserted in the wood pile are left exposed to atmospheric agents, but contribute to the stability of a transitory and minimal building, where the printed knowledge, contained within the books, can slowly be released into the environment, in a form other than what we expect from human action.

The selection of works curated by Glorianda Cipolla, in collaboration with FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano, proves once again that interest in the Aosta Valley has never stopped growing and that Mont Blanc, in addition to making people dream, is alive, more alive than ever in the imagination not only of artists, but of mountain lovers in general.


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