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Cena tra le Stelle, the magical dinner under the stars of Courmayeur Mont Blanc


From February 13th to 16th, a unique gourmet experience will take place in Courmayeur. “Cena tra le stelle” (”Dinner under the stars”) consists of four prestigious dinners for thirty-two guests each in Entrèves, in the beautiful natural Mont Blanc landscape under a bright mountain night-time sky.

This invaluable experience is a very special occasion: four dinners situated in unparalleled scenery – a magical transparent dome, will combine Georgian haute-cuisine flavors with a Courmayeur star-filled sky – to welcome select guests. Such a unique experience will begin even before sitting down: driven in a carriage to the geodesic dome, the dinner guests will slowly be drawn into the atmosphere and enjoy the silence of nature.

For the occasion, Courmayeur will host the Georgian chef Tekuna Gachechiladze.

Her philosophy is based on the idea of renewing traditional Georgian recipes – with their Mingrelian, Indian, and Persian origins – by enriching them with local ingredients, such as artichokes, wild garlic, and mushrooms, which are being used less and less in her country’s cuisine.

Her intense attention to enhance her region’s products and rural culture is perfectly matched with Courmayeur’s “Lo Matsòn” food project, which has the same goal of promoting local, sustainable “zero mile food”, the Aosta Valley delicacies and wines and  agricultural and farming culture.

The menu that will be offered reflects and enhances the idea of sharing and mixing cultures that are geographically separated from one other, yet so close in terms of conviviality and good food. A few typical Georgian recipes will be prepared with local Aosta Valley ingredients.

The proceeds of the four dinners, each of which will host thirty-two people, at four eight-person tables, will be donated to Disval, a non-profit Aosta Valley organization to support accessible sports.

This “stellar dinner” will be a perfect occasion to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day: “Cena tra le stelle - Courmayeur Dome Experience” may become a great occasion to share your love with someone.     

To book Cena tra le Stelle - Courmayeur Dome Experience

For info & book: info@courmayeurmontblanc.it e +390165841612


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