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Performance by the students of Courmayeur in Danza 2019 at the top of Skyway Monte Bianco.

Wednesday,, July 10th 2019 / Skyway Monte Bianco

Courmayeur in Danza: Danza sul Bianco

The event DANZA SUL BIANCO will take place at the Auditorium of Pavillon of Mont Fréty on Skyway Monte Bianco on Wednesday, July 10th at 11 AM. In addition to Courmayeur in Danza’s students, there will be the participation of some groups selected during the year in the prestigious National dance competition.

On this occasion, the trophy “DANZA SUL BIANCO” will be assigned.

Every year the trophy is specifically created for the occasion, in a single work by Franco Lucianaz, the Maître Cristallier.


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