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The Bread Festival, a homage to tradition

December 30 / Dolonne

A whiff of the past from old-fashioned bread ovens.

The Bread Festival is a traditional event that takes place every year on 30 December in the beautiful village of Dolonne.

In the past, every village in the Courmayeur district had its own oven where the people of the community baked their bread.

Several villages have old bread ovens that still function, places where you can relive the magical atmosphere of times gone by. On 30 December in the village of Dolonne, the local inhabitants celebrate this tradition with the Bread Festival

The old oven is lit again for the occasion, to bake the traditional black bread and delicious “greichen”, an old-fashioned sweet bread made with eggs and raisins.


[Mont Blanc Mania]

Every village in Courmayeur has an oven that was once used throughout the entire year by the community. The atmosphere of ancient villages is brought to life once again in the festivals celebrating bread making, an irreplaceable social custom.

The Bread Festival is celebrated on the feasts of the patron saints.


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