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Exhibitions and unique spaces open for the Courmayeur Design Week-End.

From 6 to 9 February 2020 / Courmayeur

Exhibitions and spaces | Courmayeur Design Week-end

From 6 to 9 February 2020 the first edition of the "Courmayeur Design Week-end" will be held in Courmayeur Mont Blanc. A winter break of design and culture in a frame of nature and well-being.

Space for young people!

From 6 to 9 February at the Congress Center of Courmayeur and the Espace Grivel, there will be different exhibitions dedicated to design and young people from the Polytechnic of Milan and the Linguistico Liceo di Courmayeur.

Co-working, co-learning, co-living: a space to escape.

We live to work, we work to live, sometimes we live by working. During the Courmayeur Design Week-end, there will be modern work stations embellished with the panorama and the technology of the spaces.

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