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TIPS &TRICKS: ski mountaineering, freeride skiing and snowboarding in safety

Courmayeur Mont Blanc for safe ski mountaineering excursions and freeride descents! A few tips to get the most out of off-piste in Courmayeur Mont Blanc.

If you are beginner and keen to try these fantastic sports, follow the basic rules and put yourself in the hands of one of the many mountaineering experts in Courmayeur.


  • Check the snow and avalanche report and get information on the snow cover conditions and potential risks and dangers
  • Familiarise yourself with the European avalanche danger scale, check the snow reports, weather forecast, and the weather patterns over the previous days;
  • If in doubt, check with the mountain professionals operating in the area;
  • Never set out on your own, and don’t forget to take your mobile phone, fully charged;
  • Tell someone where you are going;
  • Take a self-rescue kit: avalanche transceiver (you’ll find transceiver check points at the start of the main freeride routes in Courmayeur Mont Blanc) and any other safety equipment (avalanche airbag, avalung) according to the route you’re taking;
  • If in doubt, change your route or turn back;
  • When freeriding, it is advisable to wear a helmet, back support and mask with plastic lens;
  • When ski mountaineering or high altitude snowshoeing, a map, altimeter and compass or GPS are essential;


Valle d’Aosta Avalanche Bulletin: Tel +39 0165 776300
In case of emergency call Mountain Rescue: Tel. 800 319319

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