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Lo Camentràn, the Courmayeur Mont Blanc Carnival

Tuesday 16 February 2021 / vie del centro storico

The merry Beuffons, colourful carnival floats and the fascination of tradition.

In Courmayeur Mont Blanc even carnival is special.

Courmayeur’s carnival characters wander throughout the town with their little bells ringing to announce the arrival of the Carnival. It’s Shrove Tuesday and time for Lo Camentràn.

The streets of Courmayeur are filled with the aroma of “seuppa”, the traditional soup made by members of the Comité di Courmayeur in Piazza Abbé Henry and given out at lunch time with fontina cheese, sausages and black bread.

And to liven things up, the colourful, merry “Beuffons” who have the traditional task of announcing the arrival of the Carnival with the ringing of little bells, followed by the parade of allegorical floats depicting themes inspired by local events over the year. The festivities come to a close with the traditional “Seittòn”, a tree-trunk sawing contest for mixed couples, and after the prize-giving there’s music and dancing till late.


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