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"Lo Matson" the market "Who makes them", awaits you in Courmayeur on the first Sunday of September

Lo Matsòn, Courmayeur Food Market

An open market on the first Sunday of September in the center of Courmayeur Mont Blanc: fresh air, fresh produce and fresh faces.

Social even before the term was invented, The Matson is the farmer's market where you cultivate relationships. The best food in the Aosta Valley arrives in the center of Courmayeur: at five o'clock the craftsmen show their foodies on the banks, the fresh ones picked up by the day or those them have been demanding a year of effort and are even more valuable.

Cultivating relationships, we said: why a market is mostly made of stories. And there are many in Courmayeur's market: there is that of the family that for generations makes cheeses because it is what he can do better, there is that of the employee who has changed his life and now dedicates himself to foraging, that of those who left town and has realized a dream, or those from the Valley no one ever he went. Brave, sincere, scurvy or nice, chatting or a bit clumsy.

Lo Matsòn in patois means "snack" and is the indispensable time of the day devoted to food. The oldest and modern social network is what if not a table with something good to share with those who know how to appreciate it?

To know the products and the producers do not forget to visit lomatsòn.it


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