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Every year Courmayeur remembers Spadino, Medaglia d'Oro al Valor Civile

Sunday, April 28, 2019 / Courmayeur Piazzale Grivel

Memorial Spadino

The Memorial Spadino is an annual motorcycle rally planned by the Coordinamento Motociclisti, with the support of the association Fédération Française des Motards en Colère , to remember the figurative Pierlucio Tinazzi, Spadino, an employee of the company that manages the Mont Blanc Tunnel, who lost his life in the attempt to rescue motorists trapped in the tunnel because of the fire broke out on March 24 1999.

Pierlucio Tinazzi

He was nicknamed Spadino, because of his slight and height. The day of the 1999 catastrophe, which killed 39 people, took his motorcycle (BMW K75) and entered the tunnel, with the intent to bring aid to people trapped in the tunnel.

After he entered the tunnel dense smoke had made the air unbreathable, he found someone who was ill from the smoke and with him went into one of the tunnel safety shelters. His last communication with the control center shortly after was 11.30, which signaled that he ended in a shelter, waiting for help. Unfortunately, the fire lasted for a long time, and both lost their lives for the temperature and the lack of air. Since the outcome of the process that took place in 2005 for the accident turned out, unfortunately, no one was saved by his speech.

In any case, the decision to "Spadino" to intervene, putting the welfare of others to their own safety is a proven act of heroism. To the family of Pierlucio Tinazzi he was handed the Gold Medal for Civic Valor (memory).

Since 2013, the event is organized and promoted by the Coordinamento Italiano Motociclisti, association founded as an evolution of the previous Coordinamento Motociclisti.

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