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Real mountain adventures on the Roof of Europe

High altitude hiking, climbing, breathtaking glaciers and scenery on Mont Blanc are just some of the mountain adventures to be had in Courmayeur Mont Blanc. Climb Mont Blanc, Europe’s most famous 4000er

Go high-altitude hiking on Mont Blanc, do a mountain trek and stay in a refuge or bivouac hut - there are thousands of things to do in Courmayeur Mont Blanc. Decide on the mountain adventure you want and get in touch with the Courmayeur Mont Blanc mountain guides.

Come to Courmayeur Mont Blanc and go hiking with a mountain guide on Mont Blanc – there’s a host of mountain trails starting out from Courmayeur Mont Blanc. There are all sorts of mountain adventures, from the more demanding ascents of the Mont Blanc massif mountaineering courses with mountain guides who’ll teach you how to approach the mountain and venture into high altitude regions in safety.

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