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Manu Delago, one of the protagonist of Yoga Mountain Festival

Saturday, June 15th 2019 / Jardin de l'Ange

“Parasol Peak” - An Alpine Sound Expedition by Manu Delago

There will be the screening of the film: "Parasol Peak - An Alpine Sound Expedition by Manu Delago" on Saturday, July 15th at 9,15 PM.

Manu Delago will be one of the protagonist of Yoga Mountain Festival Valle d'Aosta and he will perform LIVE for the Concert for Peace on June, 30th. 

“Parasol Peak” is the story of an alpine and sound exploration.

A five days expedition on Austrian Alps, eight musicians-percussionists with passion for mountain, using helmets, crampons and carabiners, water, stones, wood and trunks as instruments, they play seated on the bed or a river or near the shores of a lake, grab the cavity of the rock at nearly 2000 meters, at the top of a summit, on the rope along the face, on the glacier at nearly 3000 meters with very low temperatures. It’s “Parasol Peak”, the challenge to the limit of composer and percussionist Manu Delago. Not just an album but especially a movie which will celebrate its world premiere at Cervino CineMountain on Saturday, August 11th. The project has been realised entirely in acoustic (the electrical equipment is used only for recording), with the use of natural elements such as water, stones and some mountain gear including helmets, crampons, carabiners which have been turned into musical instruments for the occasion. An album and a film created in respect of natural elements and of an always different scenario, from lake to wood, peak, difficulties caused by low temperatures and efforts. Music and nature merge into a unique sound, single environment that transmits all its power and harmony.


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