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The Balcony of Mont Blanc

Hiking in Val Vény and Val Ferret: two of the most beautiful Alpine valleys from which you can marvel at Mont Blanc, both with easy footpaths for walkers of all levels.

Val Vény, the Balcony onto Mont Blanc.

A classic hike, which links the footpaths from Arp Vielle to Col Chécrout via Mont Fortin and Chetif.

The route is circular and is one of the best from which to enjoy the views of Mont Blanc in all its magnificence from close-up.

When you get to Maison Veille, you can either continue on foot towards Val Vény or stop for a refreshing dip and a sauna in the mountain swimming pool in Plan Chécrouit.

The Val Ferret Balcony

A marvel within a marvel, where the views reign supreme. The route essentially follows footpath no.1 (Tour du Mont Blanc), which looks out onto Mont Blanc, but also incorporates other footpaths and variants (Mont de La Saxe, Col de Malatrà, Valle Arminaz).

The simplest, classic route starts in Planpicieux and finishes at the Bertone Refuge. From there, head for the Leuchey chalet then take the level footpath as far as the Bonatti Refuge. From the refuge continue in descent to Apr Nouvaz.



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