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Mont Blanc viewpoints

Mont Blanc stands guard over Courmayeur, find out where to go for the best views

There are numerous viewpoints in Courmayeur Mont Blanc where you can admire Mont Blanc in all its grandeur


A small village to the north of Courmayeur; and if you feel like walking you can make your way as far as La Suche and Tirecorne. There you will be literally overawed by the majesty of the chain as you gaze out on a 360° panorama encompassing all its peaks. In winter, the Ermitage - La Suche – Tirecorne circuit is perfect for stunning snowshoe walks.

Pré de Pascal / La Zerotta

An absolute must in winter, accessible on skis or snowboard, is the classic picture-postcard view of Mont Blanc from Pré de Pascal or the top station of the La Zerotta chairlift.

Pavillon du Mont Fréty / Val Ferret

This panoramic vista, which can be enjoyed all year round, is the envy of the entire Alps and not to be missed. A single glance takes in the Peuterey Ridge, the Aiguille Noire, Les Dames Anglaises, the Aiguille Blanche, Monte Bianco di Courmayeur and the 4810 m peak of Mont Blanc. These unique views can be enjoyed from the Pavillon du Mont Fréty (2,173 m), the first Skyway Monte Bianco station, or from the magical Val Ferret.

Val Vény

No less spectacular is the view of Mont Blanc from Val Vény. In summer, follow the footpath that runs between Mont Fortin and the little Lake Chécrouit; in winter, power down fresh snow from the Combe des Vesses.


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