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The Mont Blanc chain

From the Col de la Seigne to Col Ferret passing some of the most beautiful peaks in the Alps including the majestic Mont Blanc, the Roof of Europe is a chain of pinnacles, peaks and summits of incomparable beauty.

Whether it’s for the extraordinary setting, the variety of landscapes or nature’s colours, from white snow to emerald green meadows and pastures, it’s impossible not to be captivated by the magnificence of the Mont Blanc Chain.

One after the other, mythical mountains and peaks form a 40 km chain: the Pyramides Calcaries, the Aiguille du Glaciers, Mont Blanc, Mont Maudit, Mont Blanc de Tacul, not forgetting the Dent du Géant and the Grandes Jorasse, which rise up from Courmayeur Mont Blanc, their peaks reaching 4,000 m and more.
The Mont Blanc chain is an impressive sight viewed from Courmayeur.

And you don’t even have to exert yourself to enjoy this spectacle, just take the Mont Blanc Cable Cars and leave it to others to immerse themselves in this marvel of nature by mountaineering, freeriding, trekking or walking or by undertaking the extraordinary experience of walking or mountain biking the Tour du Mont Blanc.


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