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Val Sapin

The Val Sapin is located just above the village of Villair, one of the most intimate and charming village in Courmayeur.

From the town of Villair higher, continuing on the main road you get to Val Sapin: a severe valley, from steep slopes and wild vegetation, but full of a certain old-world charm and almost forgotten, typical of secluded places in the mountains.

From Val Sapin, especially near the stream of Tsapy, many branching paths and treks that lead both in Val Ferret, through the Mont de la Saxe, and towards the Col Liconi that Testa Bernarda.

The history of the Val Sapin has ancient origins, where today we hear mostly mooing of cows grazing in ancient times you could hear echoes of forge metal. Here, in fact there are still mines of argentiferous lead from the Roman era known as Trou des Romaines.


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