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Having fun together with the discovery of the scientific world at the foot of Mont Blanc

Scienze in Vetta

Adapting to a changing world.

From August 22nd to 24th, the most anticipated scientific festival returns to Courmayeur Mont Blanc to educate and entertain.

Historically, Courmayeur is recognized for its unique and original soul which distinguishes it from other places, a particular art de vivre that is found on the territory, in every event or initiative.

Scienze in Vetta is precisely this, a cultural and scientific festival that makes Courmayeur a place in which training and information become passion, fun and entertainment, reaching the public in a direct, genuine and creative way.

Scienze in vetta, from August 22nd to 24th, has the aim of bringing the general public closer to current issues related to the scientific world that affect the relationship between man and nature, becoming a real opportunity to face them in an interactive and educational way.

The topics that will be addressed concern climate change. In particular, dialogue will converge on the increasingly pressing need to find solutions that can mitigate the effects of a changing world.

Scienze in Vetta 2019 meetings


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