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The olfactive workshop opens Scienze in Vetta 2019

Wednesday, August 21st 2019 / Jardin de l'Ange

Scienze in Vetta Adattarsi a un mondo che cambia.

Scienze in Vetta | Olfactive Workshops

Have fun in Courmayeur Mont Blanc with the scientific world.

Historically, Courmayeur is recognized for its unique and original soul which distinguishes it from other places, a particular art de vivre that is found on the territory, in every event or initiative.

Scienze in Vetta is precisely this, a cultural and scientific festival that makes Courmayeur a place in which training and information become passion, fun and entertainment, reaching the public in a direct, genuine and creative way.

Wednesday, August 21st at 6 PM at Jardin de l'Ange “Aspettando Scienze in Vetta”, with Roberto Dario, who will lead partecipants to the discovery of the evocative power of smell through workshops for adults “olfactory paths”.

For further information and registrations, please write to info@courmayeurmontblanc.it


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