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The Duca degli Abruzzi Alpine Museum

There is something very special in the Casa delle Guide in Courmayeur Mont Blanc, a place where you can trace the history of world mountaineering: the Duca degli Abruzzi Alpine Museum.

You can’t miss the Casa delle Guide Alpine in the centre of Courmayeur, the building which is also a symbol of the mountain guides’ profession.

The Guides’ House houses the Duca degli Abruzzi Alpine museum, which contains an extensive collection of memorabilia and implements bearing witness to epic mountaineering expeditions, the mountain guides’ hard work and the origins of the Valle d’Aosta mountain rescue.

Period equipment, botanical remains, mementos of the Courmayeur mountain guides’ most famous expeditions, such as those to K2, the North Pole, the Himalayas and Yosemite, models and reconstructions of bivouacs and other curiosities, make a visit to the Casa delle Guide a must.

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