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Tor des Géants, the Valle d’Aosta Endurance Trail

The Tor des Géants, the trail run that beats all records: 330 km to run, 24,000 vertical metres to ascend, and 150 hours to do it in.

Plus a unique and spectacular setting, the Valle d’Aosta.

The Tor des Géants, Valle d’Aosta dialect for “tour of the giants” , is the first and only trail competition run individually over a long distance.

It starts and finishes in Courmayeur Mont Blanc but is run on spectacular footpaths throughout the entire Valle d’Aosta, at the foot of the most impressive 4000ers in the Alps.

Considered the hardest ultra-trail in the world, the route starts and finishes in Courmayeur Mont Blanc and follows the two High Level Paths (Alte Vie) in the Valle d'Aosta over a total distance of around 330 km (200 miles) with 24,000 metres of vertical ascent. It starts off on the AV no. 2 in the direction of the lower valley then returns by the AV no. 1.

There are several rest, food and recovery points along the route. The Tor des Géants is a spectacular ultra-trail competition, unique for its length, the beauty of its landscapes, its difficulty, and the enormous exhilaration felt by everyone taking part, competitors, spectators and volunteers alike.

Tor des Géants® | 330km 24000 mt D+
Departure Sunday 8 September, 10.00 am, Courmayeur
Maximum time 150 hours

Tor des Glaciers | 450km 32000 mt D+
Departure Friday 6 September, 8.00 pm, Courmayeur
Maximum time 190 hours

TOR130 - Tot Dret | 130km 12000 mt D+
Departure Tuesday 10th September, 9.00 pm, Gressoney St Jean
Maximum time 44 hours

TOR30 - Passage au Malatrà | 30km 2300 mt D+
Departure Saturday 14th September, 10.00 am, Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses

Ceremony Award | Sunday, September 15th, 11.00 am, Courmayeur Sport Center

For information: www.tordesgeants.it

Remember the number of participants is limited and pre-registration via the Tor des Géants official website is obligatory.

As well as being particular long, the route includes numerous sections at altitude where the conditions can be very severe (night, wind, cold, rain or snow). Competitors are strongly advised to have taken part in other long trail runs over 2 or more days before taking on this race.

For info and to register: www.tordesgeants.it

For participants, the Tor, as it’s known, is not just a race, it’s also a challenge, a goal, friendship, pushing to the limits, the difficulty of returning to normality, the despondency felt at altitude, cries of joy, powerful emotions, adrenaline and the thrill of the vertical.

The winners:

2010: Ulrich Gross e Anne Marie Gross

2011: Jules H. Gabioud e Anne Marie Gross

2012: Oscar Perez e Francesca Canepa

2013 Iker Karrera e Francesca Canepa

2014 Franco Collé e Emilie LeCompte

The last finisher:

2010: Gigi Riz

2011: Gianni Savoia

2012: Fracis De Stefani

2013 Michele Zanato e Claude Denaix


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