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TOR X: the tenth edition of the Tor des Géants

From 6 to 15 September 2019 / Valle d'Aosta

Tor des Géants® - Endurance Trail

TOR X - 10th Anniversary - 6/15 settembre 2019

The Tor des Géants®, the race at the top of the sky along the Alta Via 1 and 2, in the face of the 4000 of the Valle d'Aosta (Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso, Monte Rosa and Cervino) is considered the "Endurance Trail" race "the hardest in the world, with its 330 km and 24 thousand meters in altitude.

Not just a race but a real event that attracts more than 2 thousand runners from all over the world and who is celebrating its 10 years this year by enriching itself with 3 other races: Tor des Glaciers, TOR130 - Tot Dret and TOR30 - Passage au Malatrà. The TOR is a journey with oneself, on the breathtaking paths of the Valle d’Aosta, wrapped in the warm hospitality of the volunteers and the Aosta Valley. A unique experience to try at least once in your life, as a runner, as a volunteer, as a spectator.

Courmayeur is the heart of the TOR, it hosts the start of the longest races and the arrivals of all the races, a real feast along the streets of the center with runners and companions from 74 nations.

For information: www.tordesgeants.it

Tor des Géants® | 330km 24000 mt D+
Departure Sunday 8 September, 10.00 am, Courmayeur
Maximum time 150 hours

Tor des Glaciers | 450km 32000 mt D+
Departure Friday 6 September, 8.00 pm, Courmayeur
Maximum time 190 hours

TOR130 - Tot Dret | 130km 12000 mt D+
Departure Tuesday 10th September, 9.00 pm, Gressoney St Jean
Maximum time 44 hours

TOR30 - Passage au Malatrà | 30km 2300 mt D+
Departure Saturday 14th September, 10.00 am, Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses

Ceremony Award | Sunday, September 15th, 11.00 am, Courmayeur Sport Center


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