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With the company of Anna Torretta to Combal

Wednesday, August 7th 2019 / Lago Combal

Literary Trekking with the Mountaing Guide Anna Torretta

Mountain and culture represent the combination that elevates man and it allows him to explore not just places with stunning beauty, but also imaginary world made up with adventures and challenges.

In Courmayeur, from August 7th to 9th it is possible to: walk toward fascinated mountain refuges with the company of the mountain guide Anna Torretta and take time to experience incredible moments through works and authors selected by herself. She is an example of woman and mountain guide writer.

Wednesday, August 7th, the excursion to Lago Combal and introduction of the book C’erano una volta i montanari al Rifugio Cabane du Combal at 4,30 PM with the author Luciano Mareliati.

Departure: at 8,30 AM (ticket to be paid) Dolonne cable car or at 9,00 AM at Maison Vieille.

maximum 20 participants, age limit 12

    *In order to participate, booking is necessary by writing to info@courmayeurmontblanc.it or anna.torretta@gmail.com or by calling 0165 841612


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