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UYN Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc: the most breathtaking race of Mont Blanc.

UYN Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc

The UYN Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc is the spectacular 11km run and more than 2200 meters of elevation gain, which starts from the centre of Courmayeur 1224 meters and arrives at the rooftop of Europe, on the terrace of Punta Helbronner situated at the top of Skyway Funivie Monte Bianco set at an altitude of 3.466.

A breathtaking Vertical race for both the difficulties of the run and the unique scenery.

The course of Vertical is really demanding: there is a first part, until the Pavillon station, where the finish line of the night race is set, which can be considered quite easy, and a steeper second part which leads runners to the Torino Refuge. The final obstacles towards the end of the race are the steepest sections with fixed ropes, stairs and thin air: arrived at the top after a final though steep ladder, the spectacle who surround the finishers are 4000m peaks of the Alps: Mont Blanc, Dente del Gigante, Grandes Jorasses and Matterhorn.

The 3 Trails

UYN Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc K2000

UYN Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc K1000

UYN Vertical Courmayeur Mont Blanc KKids


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