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A San Valentino Courmayeur Mont Blanc si riempie d'amore!

14 February / vie del centro storico

Courmayeur Mont Blanc has a special patron saint - Valentine, numerous exhibitions and events

Like your first love, you never forget Courmayeur

On Valentine’s day, the Pearl of the Alps welcomes all lovers with the “Courmayeur First Love” event.

A horse-drawn carriage ride through Courmayeur Mont Blanc, a romantic walk along the streets specially lit and decorated for the occasion, a warming cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine together, all in the midst of a circle of mountains, these are the things that will make your Valentine’s day a memorable one. St. Valentine, the protector of lovers, is also the town’s winter patron saint.

The whole of Courmayeur celebrates the feast day.


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