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Traditional local products from the Valle d'Aosta

Courmayeur Mont Blanc boasts some unique and delicious flavours. Give in to the temptation of the Valle d'Aosta’s wealth of high-quality typical local products.

Like all mountain regions, the typical culinary specialities of Courmayeur Mont Blanc are based mainly on plain and simple raw materials.

The typical products of Courmayeur Mont Blanc are many and varied. You can buy them in the various town-centre shops or try them in the many restaurants, including the restaurants-chalets on the mountain.

The most famous is without doubt fontina, a delicious cheese which is used in many Valle d’Aosta recipes. The list of local delicacies is a long one: polenta with rich meat sauces or cheeses, the Bleu d’Aoste with its characteristic blue veins, fresh yoghurt, and rye bread, delicious eaten with the superb preserved meats of the valley, such as lardo d'Arnad (cured pork) or prosciutto.

The local cakes and desserts are a must: apple tart, chestnuts with honey, Mont Blanc ice-cream, blueberry pie, to name but a few. Discover the sweet side of the mountain!

A typical and undoubtedly unique after-dinner tradition in the winter is the Coppa dell'Amicizia – the friendship cup – which involves drinking the typical Valle d’Aosta coffee pepped up with a touch of grappa or génépy from a splendid hand-crafted carved wooden cup.

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