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Discover the "Mont Blanc Garden": Giardino Botanico Saussurea above Skyway Monte Bianco

Summer 2019 / Giardino Botanico Saussurea -Skyway Monte Bianco

Giardino Botanico Saussurea 2019

Going up. Approaching meter after meter the peaks of Mont Blanc and its eternal snows, to that rock which speaks with clouds, attracting our eyes to the sky. But at some point, just stop. Slowing down. Learning to look down. Recognizing the invaluable contribution of the infinitely small in the infinitely large of the millennial panorama: because the magnificence of the infinitely large is made up of countless, small, alive wonders.

Walking in the Giardino Botanico Saussurea is responding to the invitation that the infinitely small addresses to us: stopping, bending down, looking down, closely observing the natural intelligence that shapes each plant, grasping in the design and in the millimetres that identify the single specimen a story made up of kilometres, geographies, seasons. And having fun discovering the name, the perfumes, the secrets.


The invitation is real: the Giardino Botanico Saussurea reopens to the public on June 22nd and can be visited every day until September 22nd. In order to get there, just get off at the first Skyway Monte Bianco station, at Pavillon du Mont Fréty: this is where the Garden welcomes us. We are at 2175 meters of altitude, a stopping point between the valley and the sky, where more than 900 specimens of life at high altitude coexist, small wonders of the Alps and of other mountain ranges. A variety that would be impossible to find in nature in a space of 6500 square meters, those in which the Saussurea Botanical Garden develops. It is a weird name, isn't it?

It is about a very rare plant which grows in stony pastures. It is called alpine Saussurea and takes its name from Horace Bénédict de Saussure, the first who proposed the ascent to the highest mountain in Europe, the Mont Blanc. It was 1786: since then we have continued to move in the same way, through the love for mountain in its infinite greatness and observing it closely with curiosity, in order to see its secrets in the infinitely small.

Stop. Get down. Discover the wonder of the infinitely small.

Stop, get down, discover the wonder of the infinitely small: three natural gestures for us, which make us part of JardinAlp. The project takes place within the framework of the European territorial cooperation program Interreg V A Italy France (ALCOTRA) 2014-2020 and which combines collaboration with 7 other Italian and French gardens. Its aim is to develop scientific and cultural tourism related to botanical gardens and plant biodiversity education. For this reason, there will be lots of news in the 2019 season.

  1. Big news: telling the Garden.

The Saussurea Garden is a unique ecosystem, in which every element interacts harmoniously with the others: the mountain, the species of plants and above all the visitors who walk among paths, chalets and rocks. To tell this unique ecosystem, we have a story in mind: you will see it taking shape before your eyes during summer, and for this reason there will be some work in progress. Have patience: it will be worth it.

  1. Symbiote

An intimate relationship, of close and unavoidable cohabitation, takes the name of symbiosis in nature. A relationship that sometimes also links art and nature, and therefore man and nature. And it is precisely from the search for this symbiotic relationship between art and nature that the open air Symbiote exhibition project is born: every sculpture, every installation created by the artists involved is immersed in the vegetation of the Garden. The Symbiote exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Ylda association and Paratissima, the contemporary art fair in Turin which has been promoting national and international independent and creative talents for 15 years and will be opened in the Garden from June 28th to September 22nd. Through a competition, the 5 artists who best interpreted the theme of the Symbiosis of Man / Nature have been selected through their works. The sculptures by Arcangelo Favata, Andrea Scarpellini, Daniela Capaccioli, Collettivo Eolo and Marta Fumagalli will be visible in the evocative setting of the Alpine Garden throughout the summer, creating an intense dialogue with the local ecosystem.

  1. Theatre at high altitude

Our Saussurea fell in love with Mont Blanc. The mountain returns the feeling, but the Edelweiss, touchy as it is, is not at all favourable to this union: it is necessary the intervention of a wise man, like the Ontano, to bring things back to their place.

"It flourished! A love story in the garden of the Mont Blanc" is a theatrical performance realized in collaboration with the Palinodie Association: you will see it on stage in the Garden during five days in which three replicas will follow.

  1. Natural Yoga

Close your eyes. Feel the soles of your feet meeting the grass. Place your chin close to your chest and then inhale deeply. Exhale. Here, at 2175 meters of altitude, the air is perfect for giving a moment to the practice of yoga: for this reason, the Garden organizes four Natural Yoga meetings, every Wednesday morning between the end of July and the end of August with the teacher Giovanna Cucchieri.

  1. La montagna da giocare

We believe that the best way to learn is to have fun. That's why we offer six days entirely dedicated to children. They will be able to play, participate in creative and educational workshops and learn about the mountain and the wonders that inhabit it.

  1. Photobotanical Trekking

The blue of the Genziane, the golden yellow of the Ranuncoli, the unusual shape of the Saussurea: infinite small alive wonders that we would like to take home with us. And a way to take them home respecting the magnificence of the mountain, it exists: just participating in the photobotanical trekking days that will be held in the Garden during the summer. Whether you have a reflex or a smartphone doesn't make much difference: you don't need any special equipment to follow the treks. The photographer and nature guide Enzo Massa Micon together with a botanical expert from the Garden, will show you the techniques to improve your photographs and preserve a clear memory of the flowers you will encounter.

  1. Mass

Every Thursday in July and August, around 10 AM, the parish priest of Entrèves will celebrate Mass in the Garden.



For all holders of the Skyway Monte Bianco ticket (return ticket to Pavillon and Punta Helbronner and single journey to Punta Helbronner) entrance to the garden will be free upon presentation of the ticket.

For further information: info@saussurea.it


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