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Courmayeur opens the Italian winter season in the Alps

Welcome Winter 2020

Music, lights, emotion, celebration, joy and sharing, these are the ingredients of Welcome Winter 2020, the official kick off that will light up the Italian winter season.

Welcome Winter 2020 will take place on December 7th, in the heart of Courmayeur’s historic centre, the vibrant and glittering via Roma. Giusi Ferreri will lend her "voice" to this edition, accompanied by TV presenters Cristina Chiabotto and Edoardo Stoppa. The event will be broadcast live with audio on the giant screens in Piazza Abbé Henry, next to the majestic Christmas tree, as well as Piazza Brocherel, illuminated by dazzling Christmas decorations.

The show will start at 6:pm with Cristina Chiabotto and Edoardo Stoppa.

At 6:30pm, the official "push the button" will mark the beginning of the Italian winter season, lighting the giant Christmas tree in Piazza Abbé Henry, the town centre illuminations and for the first time also the neighbouring village decorations, boasting the same gleaming decorations as the centre, for an even more striking visual impact.

The Italian singer Giusy Ferreri, with her amazing tone of voice, will then take over the stage.

At the end of the concert, fireworks will light up the night sky in time with music and the myriad of colours will be reflected on the snowy roofs and mountain peaks surrounding Courmayeur.

A fabulous start to an exciting winter season packed with events, created by Courmayeur, throughout the Christmas festivities and through to Easter and beyond.


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