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Three appointments with Yoga in Val Ferret, to find balance and inner harmony.

Monte Bianco – Montagna Sacra

This Summer in Courmayeur Mont Blanc 3 appointments with Yoga and Nature


The three appointments with Yoga will be in the beautiful setting of the Val Ferret, a unique place to find balance and harmony within four workshops who want to open that space of silence, of quiet and beauty that we need four different experiences designed for people living in these turbulent times, who have little time, many needs and too many interests.

The 3 appointments


The events will be held in Val Ferret, on Saturdays from 10 to 17 at the beautiful log cabins "Les Maisons de Judith", you can also participate in a single meeting.

Mandatory Booking

In caso di mal tempo il seminario si svolgerà in Courmayeur in una sala messa a disposizione dal Comune
Costo del seminario 55 euro – pranzo al sacco
Tutti gli eventi sono organizzati in collaborazione con Delegazione Fai di Aosta
Sconto agli iscritti FAI
Per ulteriori info:
Betta Frera betta.subhadra@gmail.com - 3356953385
Adriana Garin adri.jaijotk@gmail.com - 3209436571
INFO: infovdayoga@gmail.com - 3208737666


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