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Manu Delago and his band performing at Jardin de l'Ange

Saturday, June 29th / Jardin de l'Ange

Yoga Mountain Festival | Concert for peace 

Concert for peace by Manu Delago and his band on Saturday, June 29th at 9,15 PM at Jardin de l’Ange.

Manu Delago is born in Innsbruck and since childhood he has been played the piano and the accordion. When he was a teenager, he played percussion in several rock bands. After graduation at Mozarteum and a period of study in London in 2003, he discovered the Hang and he fell in love with it enough to become his main instrument. Composer and leader of one of his own group since 2007, he has performed all over the world, has released different albums and has collaborated with musicians of great renown, inluding Björk.

“I come from Austrian mountains and sometimes I like soaking in nature, I consider myself a farm boy. Because of climate changes, the environmental movement conquered lots of visibility through news and politics, which is fundamental especially for the role of public awareness. Björk has been concerned in this process for many years, but I do not think her artistic philosophy has brought a big influence on myself or that there are lots of connections between our artistic proposals. I just think my way of life is reflected in my music and it has become a part of it. In this project Parasol peak, my player’s life and my love for mountains and nature are combined.”


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