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Courmayeur Mont Blanc is the capital of trail running

From the Tor des Géants to the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®, Courmayeur is fanatical about trail

Remote trails, breathtaking views, unspoilt nature and fresh air. These are the ingredients of trail running and Courmayeur Mont Blanc is the perfect natural setting.

The wild unspoilt nature of the Mont Blanc area is the terrain of choice for several famous international trail events, which draw enthusiasts and expert runners from around the world.

The trail season opens in summer with the Gran Trail Courmayeur. Then comes the mythical race every trail runner dreams of running, the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®, a complete circuit of Mont Blanc passing through France, Italy and Switzerland. A few days later, the world’s hardest endurance trail, the Tor des Géants®, is run entirely in Valle d’Aosta, starting and finishing in Courmayeur Mont Blanc.

Taking place in the first half of October are Arrancabirra®, a fun run that’s part competitive sport, part beer festival, and the non-alcoholic version for children, Arranchina®.

The Winter Eco Trail by Night is a different thing altogether, an incredible mountain running race by night which takes place in the depths of winter on a 20 km snow-covered circuit in Val Ferret.

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