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Courmayeur Mont Blanc, the Italian Mont Blanc.

Discover the many sides of Courmayeur Mont Blanc, the Sunny Side

Courmayeur, a fascinating town at the foot of Mont Blanc!

Courmayeur, mountain town and chic resort. Hiking boots and 5-inch heels. Rock& ice and warm spa waters. Simple mountain food and refined gourmet cuisine.

Its geographical location at the meeting point of Italy, France and Switzerland makes it a perfect synthesis of different cultures yet it remains a quintessentially Italian Alpine town.

Fashionable and sophisticated, it is one of the most celebrated resorts in the Alps offering visitors a wide range of hotels from the most luxurious four and five-starred to cosy family-run serviced apartments and little hotels full of mountain charm.

“Lifestyle resort”, a concept that captures perfectly the elegance of Courmayeur

A place that retains its traditions, that knows the value of professional service combined with sincerity and warmth, a place that knows how to welcome visitors with an elegance and style that is 100% Italian. From the exclusive via Roma shops to the numerous gourmet restaurants on the slopes, from the villages around Courmayeur to the tranquil silence of the Val Ferret, at Courmayeur Mont Blanc you have all it takes for a unique holiday experience.

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