Lo Camentràn

February / March

A riot of colors, sounds, and flavors of the tradition, mixed with irony and often irreverence: this is the Carnival at the foot of Mont Blanc, or rather the Camentràn, which in local dialect means “entering Lent”.
“Lo Vioù e la Viéille” of each village, two typical masks representing elderly people, go around the village announcing the Carnival with the sound of bells, while from the windows of the houses a delicious scent of “seuppa” spreads, the typical soup with fontina cheese, sausages and black bread.
“Lé Beuffons” announce the arrival of the Carnival in Courmayeur. You can hear them coming from afar, passing through the hamlets and streets of the center, with the unmistakable joy of their bells and the typical dress adorned with flowers, medals, colored beads, pompons, and plume.

Valentine’s Day

14th February

On 14 February Courmayeur Mont Blanc celebrates its patron: a long story of love that offers every year special and romantic places for visitors.
The central Via Roma will be the protagonist of the parade of the Beuffons, the band of Courmayeur and La Salle, and the Badochys.

San Pantaleone

Courmayeur – 27th July

On July 27th, every year, on the day of San Pantaleone – patron of Courmayeur – the streets of the historical center are animated with music and gourmet proposals.

Santa Margherita

Entreves- July

Religiosity and entertainment to honor the day of Santa Margherita in the beautiful village at the foot of Mont Blanc. Tournaments, celebrations, playful moments for children, traditional dishes, and exhibitions of local crafts will enliven Entrèves.

Festival of the Entrèves village

11th August

The ancient village of Entrèves animates with stalls of local farmers, demonstration of art and ancient crafts, folk groups, and distribution of typical dishes from Aosta Valley.

Alpine Guides Festival

15th August

Celebrating mid-August in Courmayeur means being immersed in the unique atmosphere of the “Festa delle Guide Alpine”. The history of the oldest Society of Guides in Italy is celebrated on this day. A wide-brimmed hat, beige suit, rope rolled on the shoulder, ice axe, and crampons, as the historical uniform wants on these occasions, the guides are the guardians of the mountain, and their history has always been linked to the memory of Courmayeur and its inhabitants.

Festival of Saint Benedict

Dolonne - 12th and 13th July

Dolonne is celebrating Saint Benedict, patron of the village. A series of events will involve the hamlet, its inhabitants, and all visitors, such as tournaments, parades, entertainment for adults and children, and traditional dishes.

Lé Vercuino festival

Villair - August

The village of Villair animates for its traditional festival with games, entertainment for children, Holy Mass, band performance, typical dinner, ballroom dancing, and dj sets.

La Saxe Festival


In Courmayeur Mont Blanc every small village has a church dedicated to a saint, which is warmly remembered every summer. With the Badoche, music, and food you can spend a day of tradition and joy.

Lo Pan Ner festival


In Courmayeur, you can come across the famous festival of “Lo pan ner” (the festival of black bread), an important event that has been handed down for years. In October, 50 municipalities in the Aosta Valley turn on the ovens of the villages to win the award of “Best Black Bread” and “Best Sweet Bread of Tradition”. Courmayeur Mont Blanc participates in this festival with the ovens of Dolonne and La Saxe that guard and hand down this ancient tradition.