Experience the magic of ascending

the highest peak in Europe

Follow the way of heaven to climb the highest mountain in Europe, touching the peaks with a finger. This is Skyway Monte Bianco, an engineering masterpiece with 360° rotating cable cars for a unique experience of ascending to the King of the Mountains.
Rotating cabins allow everyone to reach an altitude of 3,466 m on Mont Blanc.

Skyway hosts a cinema, a museum area, conference rooms, and outside a botanical garden and a children’s playground.

The gourmet experience on Skyway is equally magic. Enjoy having lunch at the mid-station of Pavillon/The Mountain (2.173 m) at the innovative Mountain Bar and Alpine Restaurant. Or climb to the highest point and go to the Kartell Bistrot Panoramic at Punta Helbronner/The Sky (3.466 m), where you’ll feel like you’re having lunch with mountains’ company.

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