Discover one of the most unspoilt

alpine fishing areas in Italy

In the spectacular scenery of Val Ferret, the Dora di Ferret reserve is the ideal place for sport trout fishing and for a day in the mountains with friends.
The emotion of the first fish caught, the day spent along the banks of a mountain stream, in a sense of total serenity.

The reel flowing and the buzzer screeching will be the only noises you will hear. The special reserve Dora di Ferret is the ideal place for those who love fishing in peace with nature.

The special reserve Dora di Ferret, in the heart of Val Ferret, is located in a natural area of great beauty. It stretches for 10 kilometers along the banks of the Dora river and many sport fishing techniques are allowed, you can have fun with both classic fishing and no-kill fishing.

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