Courmayeur Mont Blanc

the paradise for climbers

Courmayeur Mont Blanc is an open-air climbing wall, perfect for free climbing.
Get ready to climb the many granite rock walls of the Mont Blanc massif, and if it’s bad weather, opt for indoor climbing in the climbing gym of the Courmayeur Sport Center.

Let yourself be carried away by the wonderful mountain routes of the Gran Capucin, the Clocher, Chandelle, Trident du Tacul and Pic Adolphe, in the company of the Alpine Guides and with the right technical equipment. You cannot come for a holiday in Courmayeur Mont Blanc without trying to climb.

Choose our guides and try climbing courses for beginners. The technical equipment is included, and if you find that climbing is your new passion, in the town center you will find many sport shops where to buy your first climbing equipment.

Rock climbing

Mont Chétif

Mont Chétif is the stocky 2343m mountain overlooking Courmayeur. From the top of Mont Chétif the view is breathtaking to say the least. Come with the Alpine Guides of Courmayeur to discover this peak by climbing from the equipped path that starts from Pré de Pascal: an ideal excursion for young people who want to learn how to use the material for the vie ferrate.

Levels: 6 a, 5c
Length: 200 m

Rock climbing

Val Sapin

The climbing wall of the Val Sapin is one of the many that overlooks the village and forms the base of the Mont de la Saxe. It is recognized by the characteristic black flows caused by water during the winter. The rock is a compact but well worked granite with countersinks, notches and cracks. The activity requires technical experience, it is advisable to be accompanied by an alpine guide.

From the car park upstream of the hamlet of Villair follow the unpaved road that leads to Val Sapin, until the third bend where you take the belvedere path. When you reach a dilapidated house, leave the path, continue to the left and quickly reach the cliff.
Descent: The stops have chains and carabiners and the descent is made in moulinette with 60m rope for single pitches and 80 for those of 2 lengths.
Minimum, maximum and average difficulty of the routes from 5c, to 7c, on average 6c.
Total number of routes: 17
The average length is 28 meters, minimum 16meters and maximum 42 meters.