The traditions of Mont Blanc

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The folkloristic group of Courmayeur Mont Blanc keeps the traditions alive by performing ancient dances and music. Born in 1956 by the will of a company of friends, the group Les Badochys actively participates in the most important events of Courmayeur, such as the ancient Fair of Sant’Orso in Aosta. With their own style, they interpret some dances and popular music that always has, despite the time passing, a great success.
The origins of Les Badochys’ costume are very ancient: the elegant male dress maintains the traditional colors of Aosta Valley – red and black and is inspired by the uniform of Napoleonic troops passing through Aosta Valley. The women’s dress refers to the one worn during special days in the past: heavy handmade wool, laces, colorful silks for aprons, a bolero open on the front, and traditional jewelry, a beaded necklace, and a black velvet necklace with a heart and a cross in gold. It is said that every girl puts inside the headset the first letter they received from their loved one.
La Badoche, a halberd composed of multi-colored ribbons, is a real symbol for Courmayeur and is always present during festivals and parades in the village. Unmarried women wear the ribbons tied at the waist until the day of their wedding when they give it to La Badoche.