Enjoy the timeless charm

of mountain villages

Dolonne, Entrèves, La Saxe, Villair Larzey, La Villette, Entrelevie e Plan Gorret: gems perched on the mountains that are waiting to be discovered.
A few steps from Courmayeur, you can get lost in the authenticity of mountain villages, with their history, their narrow streets, stone houses, shady roofs, old fountains, and the inhabitants of these places, which preserve the traditions of these places. During traditional celebrations, in fact, the history of these villages magically resumes, making tourists and locals rediscover the habits and customs of the past.
The little Dolonne, but also Entrèves, La Saxe and Villair are real alpine jewels to discover. For the most curious a walk to Larzey, La Villette, Entrelevie, and Plan Gorret is highly recommended. Walking through the hamlets of Courmayeur Mont Blanc will be like embarking on a journey through time.