Come listen to

the band of the White Mountain

The musical bands are part of the immense cultural and historical heritage of the Aosta Valley, that is brought to light in Courmayeur Mont Blanc through the performances of different bands throughout the year. A moment of celebration and music to celebrate the tradition.
Courmayeur and Chamonix unite for music that knows no borders
From the fusion of Courmayeur and Chamonix bands, the Harmonie du Mont Blanc orchestra is born to entertain tourists and residents every year in a magical atmosphere.
The Courmayeur Marching Band, active since the late nineteenth century, has represented for many years the musical complexity of the Society of Alpine Guides of Courmayeur, the most ancient Alpine Guides society in Italy and second in the world.
The musical direction of the Courmayeur Band was entrusted to Maestro Emilio Haudemand. Then followed several Masters, including Corrado Vallet, Eugenio Alberti, and Faurethier, until 1975, the year in which the band was entrusted to the baton of Master Giancarlo Telloli who still conducts today.