Torchlight procession of the ski instructors


The torchlight procession for the new year




6:00 pm


6:45 pm

As darkness falls, the ski instructors organize the usual torchlight procession on the return slope of the ski area to wish a happy new year to the entire Courmayeur community.


Biblioteca Courmayeur - Infusi di lettura
Speciale Amelie Nothomb

La Biblioteca di Courmayeur propone, per la rassegna Infusi di Lettura, lo spettacolo concerto "Speciale Amelie Nothomb"

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Kids&Junior - Fiabe Remix

To the delight of the little ones, many beautiful fairy tales told and animated by the Palinodie theater company, immersed in the nature of Courmayeur in the parks and woods…

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(Almost) A Christmas Carol

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