Stefano Bollani Danish Trio

Courmayeur Cinema

by the Saison Culturelle




9:00 pm

Stefano Bollani on piano and internationally renowned Danish musicians: Jesper Bodilsen on double bass and Morten Lund on drums, this is the Danish Trio.

A training largely run thanks to an attendance that dates back to 2002 when, following the victory of Enrico Rava at the “Jazzpar” in Copenhagen, the three artists found themselves in a sextet created specifically for the occasion by the same trumpeter.

Starting from this experience, the three musicians shared a constant and varied musical path, witnessed by a series of record productions, also very different from each other for approaches and musical styles.. Numerous records have been made, such as concerts in the most prestigious venues in the world, with guests such as Bill Frisell, Mark Turner and collaborations with the Berliner Philharmoniker.

In this live Bollani, Bodilsen and Lund come together to interpret, improvise and create unique moments, able to convey to the listeners the happiness of living music without prejudices; and at the base of everything there is always the joy of life: that “Gleda” – as the Norwegians call it – which gives the title to one of the trio’s luckiest albums.

“In the Danish Trio listening is a central element” synthesizes Bollani “and each of us is, at every moment, attentive to what others are playing, focused on the sound in its totality. Exactly my ideal of a jazz band”.


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