Car of the Year

Jardin de l'Ange

the exhibition of the seven cars finalists of the most coveted award








One of the three weekends dedicated to the most important cars on the market arrives in Courmayeur: from 23 to 25 February you can discover all the secrets of the seven finalists of the most prestigious award in the automotive world, the prestigious award The Car of the Year, the event that since 1964 rewards the most interesting car of the year, organized by nine European newspapers and for Italy represented by the monthly Auto sector.

The finalist cars will be exhibited and tested in Piazza Brocherel. As usual also this year fans will have the opportunity to try the cars in the three locations on Saturday and Sunday, registering on the site or directly at the desk in the center of the exhibition of cars. The winner will be elected at the Geneva Motor Show on 26 February.

Of the seven finalists, six cars are full electric, two with endothermic engines, and one is available full hybrid or hybrid plug-in. BMW 5/i5 Series, BYD Seal, Kia EV9, Peugeot 3008/E-3008, Renault Scenic E-Tecx Electric, Toyota C-HR and Volvo EX30. These are the finalist cars that fans will find exposed which can discover all the secrets thanks to the journalists of the Auto magazine present at the three stages and that can try supported by instructors of the X-Driving School. In addition, fans will find and can also try the Jeep Avenger, Car of the Year 2023.


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