Italy at its peak

A place above ordinary Explore the ne plus ultra of Italian food, sport & lifestyle

There is a place where you can stir the imagination to great heights. Where entertainment is paramount and you can relax to the max. A place where taste is above your expectations and curiosity is rewarded with the highest discoveries.

Its name is Courmayeur, a secretive gateway guarded by Mont Blanc, the highest mountain of the Alps.

Come experience a crescendo of fine Italian food, exciting sport activities, superior relaxation and prime shopping. No rush choosing where to begin. You will know it when you get here.

After all, only at the very top you can see clearly.

Enjoy Italy at its peak. Enjoy Courmayeur.

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Reach for your highest performance.
Try the ultimate mountain sports and outdoor recreation in Courmayeur. 



Discover a taste above your greatest expectations.
Savor the original haute cuisine of Italian Alps.



Reward your curiosity with the highest discoveries.
Live life at its fullest with Courmayeur leisure activities.



Uncover the ultimate selection of Italian shopping, from fashion to local markets passing through outerwear. 

I’m Mont Blanc.
Nice to meet you.

Come to me. Or, I should say, climb up to me, and experience a peak in your lifetime. With my height of 4,810m, I am the highest mountain of the Alps, Italy and Europe. I do not want to sound presumptuous, but I have been called a true Mother Nature’s spectacle.

I am also known as The Great Mountain. But do not be intimidated. I like to be surrounded by travelers. My thick, perennial ice and snow dome attract mountaineers from all over the world. But I have so much more to offer. Come meet me in Courmayeur and I will reward your curiosity with the highest discoveries.

Far, far above, piercing the infinite sky - Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mont Blanc.
Discover Mont Blanc


That’s how tall I am. Impressive, isn’t it? I am the highest mountain in the Alps.



From left to right, up and down. There are plenty of ways to comfortably explore me.

ski runs

Ski Runs

I want to show you every side of me. There is so much to discover.



Step aboard the funivie and fly to the top to see my white peaks contrast the clear blue sky.

Ski Chalet

Ski Chalet

I know you like warmth, hot chocolate and fine food. You’ll find plenty of by me.


No Limits Freeride

Take the heliski or go off pistes and plunge forward to one of my many fresh powder ski.

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dove siamo
Courmayeur Mont Blanc Turismo
CSC Centro Servizi Courmayeur

Piazzale Monte Bianco, 10
11013 Courmayeur (AO)
Tel +39 0165 841612
Fax +39 0165 842581

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